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  1. spookydrxw

    WIP Update 1.2.1 - UI/UX improvements

    Update: we've implemented new server-side system because of this and a lot of other reports in twitter, reddit, discord regarding artists separation. How does it affect me? It means that our old cache system is not compatible with the new upcoming update. It will work, but you will experience...
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    Quake vs Unreal Tournament

    Tbh my memory holds much more about UE than about Quake, so I think I prefer UE more
  3. spookydrxw

    Random button in player?

    We're still working on it. See
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    WIP Update 1.2.1 - UI/UX improvements

    That's a common thread, most of the stuff is WIP. 🔧🔨⚙️ Based on user reviews and other things, we are currently working on SESHapp's improvements. Currently on hold : 🕵️‍♂️ Search. 🎧 Music library has been remade. 📱 Player's tab has been remade. 📳 Swipe to open PUSH. Currently, there is no...
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    Hmmmm just tested it and it works fine. @RAY RADIATOR Please DM the email(s) that were unable to register.
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    I saw two guys in twitter talking about it, but no one ever replied to me. Lemme check that bug
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    Forum Suggestion

    Dark theme is still under development. @encryptedtears @lilghostface @shluheev what do you guys think?
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    We were discussing this idea before, someday we'll make it happen.
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    Album sort on SESHapp

    We'll remake player's UI & UX
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    CONFIRMED App shutdown

    That's a confirmed issue, thank you for the report.
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    Released Update 1.2.1 (iOS)

    Track list goes under tab - fixed Repeat single track - fixed Shuffle - fixed Disable cache if needed - added Delete offline track - added - swipe to delete Offline player bug on updating media center - fixed
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    LIL FPS ICE WATCH archive

    I actually listen to this song for 2 days in a row
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    that's awesome! good job
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    looks dope mate
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    added those as smilies :welldone::boy:
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    TeamSESH Game in the works?

    Good one mate
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    underrated consoles

    Sadly I had no dreamcast, but heard about that a lot of times. I used to play on chinese copies of Dendy and Sega and miss that time when you just play the whole day with your friends
  19. spookydrxw

    FIXED SESHapp Artist YT links

    Confirmed. Thanks for letting me know that there's '/' is missed. Fixed in development branch.