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  1. EthanW1997

    Learning Russian

    Я должен признать, что кости заставляют меня учить русский язык, и я люблю язык, очень приятно сидеть и изучать новый язык, учитывая, что я очень люблю язык. Спасибо TeamSESH i have to admit, bones put me on to learning russian and i am loving the language, very nice to sit and learn a new...
  2. EthanW1997

    A or B (TeamSESH Editon)

    All in all Greafer Only breathing once today Drip-133
  3. EthanW1997

    Bug report submission

    I have a freshly downloaded version of the SESHapp, and whenever I scroll through an artists archive of music, it caches songs that I didn’t click on. Maybe I miss clicked, but I don’t think so because multiple songs were cached that I didn’t want.
  4. EthanW1997

    A or B (TeamSESH Editon)

    more than before (drew the architect) I’d Run Towards Color Or Šuntooth w/ migu
  5. EthanW1997


    Lo-Fi hip hop in the background while gaming