2018 Deadboy Tour

Howdy fellas how many of you got a chance to see the Deadboy Tour this year? In this thread tell me what show you went to see and your experience for what was probably your first time seeing Bones perform.

Post any pics/videos and any stories from the night.
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I went to see Bones in London in January and no shit it was probably the best night of my life. It was the first time I had ever seen a rap show (usually only ever see Rock bands) so obviously it was a crazy experience. I currently live in pretty much the center of England so I had to get the train down to London by myself and then walk down to the venue which was a place called the Koko.

I must have showed up about am hour early and already the line was all the way round the building which was insane, I didn’t realise there was gonna be so many people show up. I positioned myself at the back of the queue so fucking eager to get inside. I wasn’t there to meet any new friends I was purely there to see Bones, El, Bgi & Sam. Standing waiting in the line I saw that El posted a video of him revealing the merch for the show and as soon as I seen that everything became so much more real. Literally I felt like the entire past 3 years of my life had been leading up to this show. Before I knew it I saw Bones and El running up the sidewalk I guess to check out the line. It didn’t even feel real to have seen someone for so long through a computer screen and now they were running right past you and shouted something like “I’ll see you all inside” then going in the building through the stage door. The crazy thing was hardly any of the people around me even noticed them go past, it was hilarious how smooth they both were.

After a while talking to the people in the line it was so obvious that a lot of them were only there because they’d heard how good the G59 show and Lil Peep x Bexey show was, which was a little disheartening. It was a shame that the majority of the time the people in the line were too busy comparing other rap shows they’ve been to than actually the one they were about about see. But that’s probaby just me thinking into it too much. Got into the venue, copped my shirt, and pushed my way to the front. One thing I thought was funny was when the music was playing before the show started any of the rap music was going over people a heads. Even when they played Lil B there was only a handful of people who recognised it, lol. I imagine in the US these songs would have got the crowd pumped but not in England.

Once the show began though, the floor was bouncing all the way through, it was really fucking sick.

Anyway I’ve wrote too much already let me just show you some videos from the night and you can decide for yourself. Bones brought the exact same energy I was expecting and it was definitely a night I will always remember. Any questions please ask away there's still a lot more to be said.

My next goal is to see him perform in the US.

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where he was in moscow, he said for us this: "i'll will comeback so fucking soon". i just think this will be a new deadboy tour, but now it's booking machine festival.