Difficulty with song writing

a general copy and paste from another thread since I feel a new thread in the music section is more appropriate.

Question for the rapper and song writers, is it easy for you guys to write and finish a song? On my old phone where I would type up some lines here and there. If a line felt "off topic" or not on theme, I would make it it's own thing so I never would finish anything! Does anyone else experience this? How do y'all do it? Should I find a beat first to write lyrics to or write lyrics first then find a beat to it?
Yeah man, and I mean sometimes it’s good to follow through with something and if you don’t like the final product, that’s fine, you now know what to change, and you hold yourself to a higher standard.
I mostly generate lyrics in my head when I'm at work, feeling the biggest hatred ever or when I'm scared of sth. Never have the time to save them somewhere. So specifically writing a song doesn't work for me hah