Introduction -

What's up everyone I'm so glad to see this pop up hopefully we can get a good little thing going here, we deserve to have a place to communicate with and show our appreciation to TeamSESH.
Thank you anyone who helped design this website it brings me back to 2013 when I use to post on forums constantly and I'm happy to know I can do this once again. :)

I look forward to meeting anyone who makes there way to this forum. SESH has done so much for my life and to this date impacts me on a daily basis. The music that's being created within the team, and the community forming around it is more than special to me and I can't wait to see what's in store for us in the future. Everyday I see you all progressing so much and it makes me appreciate being alive at this moment in time and not any other. The world is completely fucked but here I feel like we're truly making a difference, the creativity in all of you inside and out of TeamSESH is insane and frankly I wish I could do half the shit you do, to name a few people: Shpaer_Art ,‏, JohnOsterman ‏ , Hightosis ‏ , __asp_ ‏ - the art you guys are creating is on another level and I'll forever be watching out for your next pieces. There's so many more people I could name but you know who you are. There's an energy around you all and I can feel it from miles away, lets keep it going.